Become a Champion for our Wild Species and Wild Spaces!

ReefBlitz 2016 will be held in October, with location and event details to be revealed soon.

Everyone involved in the 2015 event in Townsville contributed to a hugely successful ReefBlitz. More than 1400 people got hands-on with citizen science to discover, identify and record the plants and animals living in and around our Great Barrier Reef.

Over 20 biodiversity surveys, presentations and activities were part of last year's ReefBlitz program, from snorkelling and exploring mangroves to seeking out molluscs, birds, amphibians and even reptiles! 


Latest News

Citizen science results a blitz for Reef research

The results are in! With a new Corporate Team Challenge event incorporated for the first time, and a large scale community event held in conjunction with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, ReefBlitz delivered new levels of engagement in Reef science as well as information to help Reef managers and scientists.


  • Discover and document plant and animal species both in and out of the water

  • Contribute information that enhances Reef monitoring efforts

  • Lend a hand at a beach or underwater clean-up

  • Learn more about the Great Barrier Reef

  • Connect with local groups helping to
    preserve and restore the Reef and nearby

The entire community is invited to participate and discover as many living things as possible. Each species that you discover is recorded and helps monitor the diversity of life in the area. You’ll be amazed at how much lives in your neighbourhood.

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