If you are planning to hold an event about the Great Barrier Reef, why not include a speaker from our science team!

This is an opportunity to discover more about the complexity and diversity of our greatest natural wonder, the major threats facing it, and the work being done to protect it for future generations with a 30 minute 'Reef Talk'.

Sharing what we know about the Great Barrier Reef is one way the Foundation raises awareness of the Reef's fragility and builds a network of champions for the preservation of our global natural treasure.

Reef Talks can be delivered in-person in South East Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne as well as selected locations in coastal Queensland. We can also do them anywhere in the world via the world wide web. 

Contact us to organise a Reef Talk


Phone:  +61 7 3252 7555

Please note:

  • There are no fees for booking a speaker to attend your event.  However we request you offer to reimburse the speaker for any costs incurred in travelling to your event.
  • Minimum notice of four weeks is ideal when requesting a Reef Talk. 
  • We will make every attempt to secure a speaker for your event, depending on availability of speakers and event location.