The Bommies Award is seeking talented young researchers with exceptional skills in science communication. The Bommies Award 2014 includes two awards: a primary Bommies Award (1st and 2nd place), and a secondary People’s Choice Bommies Award. The primary winner of the Bommies Award will receive $5,000AUD. 

To enter, simply submit a 3 minute video telling us about the exciting research that you are undertaking on coral reefs and climate change, after reading the award terms and condition below.

The award will identify young researchers with exceptional science communication skills, who will act as future ambassadors for research on the Great Barrier Reef, and for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. This award, for one year’s duration, is made annually by the Foundation.

The primary Bommies Award will be for the best 3 minute video about research that is relevant to the Great Barrier Reef and climate change. First place will be awarded $5,000AUD and second place $3,000AUD. The primary award will be judged by an expert panel, based on three major criteria:

  • Effective science communication: The applicant’s capacity to present a clear, concise, and engaging description of their research via video.
  • Path to impact: How clearly the path to impact is demonstrated in the video, i.e. how the results of their research will/could be used to minimise or reduce the threat of climate change to the Reef and associated habitats.
  • Career value: The degree to which the proposed use of the award funding will further the recipient’s research or contribute to their career development (as demonstrated in the written component of the application) .

The secondary People’s Choice Bommies Award of $2,000AUD will be awarded to the video that receives the greatest number of votes from the general public. A shortlist of videos (selected at the discretion of the Foundation and the judges) will be shared in an online public forum (Facebook), which allows one vote (like) per person, for a period of 2 weeks.

For the full Terms and Conditions, including details on how to submit your video please read the Terms & Conditions 

For further inquiries contact the Foundation's office: or (07) 3252 7555 (Emily)


Applicant's must:

  • Hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree
  • Be <36 years of age
  • Have an affiliation with a research organisation
  • Ensure the research is the applicant's own work, or work for which they are a key collaborator. 


To apply for the 2014 Bommies award, please read the Terms and Conditions for submissions details, complete the official Bommies Award 2014 Application Form, and email it to

Closing Date

17th October 2014