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The Foundation is supporting the response to this second significant bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef in consecutive years.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our initiatives underway to support coral recovery.

Marine Water Quality Dashboard

Marine Water Quality Dashboard

​Powered by eReefs and part of the Marine Water Quality Dashboard, the ReefTemp model is being used as a key tool for monitoring the current crisis. GBRMPA is using ReefTemp regularly to track ‘degree heating days’ and sea surface abnormalities to inform



An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, will provide reef managers, researchers and community groups extra ‘hands and eyes’ in the water to monitor coral bleaching at scales not previously possible.

Sea grapes, Caulerpa racemosa

Searching for super corals

Identifying genetic markers for corals more tolerant to heat stress which could be used to map heat tolerant colonies and populations and even possibly in selective breeding programs for reef restoration.


Automated detection

Testing automated monitoring to detect bleaching by developing algorithms showing computer image recognition software which can be up to twice as accurate than humans in detecting bleaching.

Corals for bleaching recovery experiment

‘Stress test’ for corals

An innovative approach looking to create an early warning system for coral reefs under stress before any physical signs are visible. Metabolomics is being used to develop tests diagnosing coral stress and the likelihood of recovery and survival.

Surface film on a dam

Sun shield for the Reef

Scientists are testing biodegradable surface films blocking up to 30% of light entering the water they’re applied to. In theory, this represents an innovative solution to combat coral bleaching at a local scale.

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