Raine Island is home to the world’s largest green turtle rookery, important seabird populations and a unique ecosystem under pressure.

The Foundation’s Theresa Fyffe and BHP Billiton’s Rod Hailstone and Kevin Spencer were privileged to witness this rarely-visited wonder when they joined marine scientists on their first week-long field trip to scope the five year, $5.5m Raine Island Restoration project.

The research team will return to the island six to eight times a year as they carry out their research into restoring and maintaining this critical part of the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem. 

Remote research in action

Remote research in action

The team lands on Raine Island, 630km north of Cairns

2 turtle nest.jpg

BHP Billiton's Rod Hailstone gets hands on with turtle nest data collection on Raine Island

3 Seabird populations.jpg

Seabird populations call Raine Island home

4 beacon.jpg

The oldest European structure in tropical Australia, Raine Island's beacon built in 1844

5 inside beacon.jpg

Rare glimpse inside one of the most important historical monuments in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park