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Raine Island Recovery Project update

More than 13,500 green turtles have already made the journey to Raine Island so far this nesting season and the scientists going on the January 2017 expedition are expecting a busy time with the turtles.

During the November and December research trips to the island, the Raine Island Recovery Project team rescued 102 adult female turtles on Raine Island and another seven on nearby Moulter Cay. 

The hazards facing the turtles nesting on Raine are numerous. The project team is working proactively to install long terms solutions, as well as lending a helping hand while the researchers are on the island. 

Fencing off the phosphate cliffs that can trip up the slow moving reptiles is a priority. So too is reprofiling the sand to not only make it more conducive to nesting at night, but also provide a safer path back to the water before the sun reaches its strength-sapping peak during the day.

Turtle hatchling at Raine Island

Find out more about the Raine Island Recovery Project, a five year, $7.95 million collaboration between BHP Billiton, the Queensland Government, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Traditional Owners and the Foundation

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