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Coral Fluorescence

Coral Fluorescence


is the absorption of light in one colour and the emission in another.


#Unlike bioluminescence

displayed in glow worms and fireflies, these brilliant corals don’t glow on their own. On Reefs, corals absorb damaging wavelengths of light and emit it as pink or purple light, resulting in psychedelic displays of colour.

#In scientific terms,

coral fluorescence is determined by the expression of green fluorescent like proteins (GFPs). Most corals possess several genes coding for GFP like proteins of cyan, short and longwave green and red emission colours.

Synthesis of cyan and red has a higher functional complexity and is therefore thought to have evolved later than the green fluorescence.

#In shallow waters

equipped with a flashlight and a mask filter, divers are treated to one of the most aesthetic visual experiences in the ocean.

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