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You're making history out on the Reef

A special message from Managing Director, Anna:

Welcome to our first issue of Reef Life for 2023 where we catch you up on all the incredible projects you are making possible out on the Reef.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our recent appeal helping the restoration effort in the world-famous Whitsundays – a critical sanctuary for precious Reef wildlife.

Your support is an important part of this collective effort, working with researchers and our in-water project teams to plant new corals on degraded reefs and sow seagrass seeds to create hectares of lush seagrass meadows.   

We are happy to announce that 25 million coral babies were planted during the most recent coral spawning event. This will give a much-needed boost and help repopulate damaged reefs in the area. 

The amazing thing about the Great Barrier Reef is how interconnected it is – the work we do in one wildlife sanctuary has positive flow-on effects for other connected reefs.   

Thank you so much for caring so deeply for our Reef. Read on below for more exciting projects you are helping to make possible.

#You’re supporting female Indigenous rangers

This inspiring women-led program combines 60,000 years of Indigenous knowledge with digital technologies to protect precious land and sea country, including the Great Barrier Reef. It has just been announced the winner of the 2022 Earthshot Prize to Revive our Oceans by HRH Prince William.

#You’re helping to grow new corals with game-changing robotics

The technology includes a prototype robotic camera that uses computer vision and learning algorithms to detect and count individual coral babies and track their health and growth in real time.

#You’re bringing science and tourism together for the Reef

During the annual coral spawning, tourism operators worked with scientists to help restore areas of reef where it’s needed most, using tourist boats to capture more coral spawn and reach more locations.

#Why your support is more important than ever

UNESCO has again recommended the Reef is added to its In Danger list, citing the impacts of climate change such as frequent coral bleaching and poor water quality as serious threats to the Reef’s future.

#Challenge yourself in 2023 and receive a FREE #TEAMREEF pack

With a full calendar of events across Australia for all fitness levels, there’s a way for everyone to get involved for the Reef. Sign up and start fundraising for the Reef to claim your FREE new year's gift including special #TEAMREEF training shirt, water bottle and cap. Get in quick, offer only available for a limited time.

#School’s Go Green to Plant Coral on the Reef

Our first year as a Go Green partner for Australian Schools Fundraising was a major success with 90 schools raising $146,000 to support coral planting on the Great Barrier Reef. Check out a Colour Run event in action at Milton State School in Brisbane, Queensland. We are so grateful to all the wonderful kids across Australia who are helping us to replant coral on damaged reefs. Registrations are now open for 2023! Click below to sign up today.

#Donate Today

This is the critical decade for our Reef. The actions we take now will determine whether it thrives or collapses.

You can donate today to help save endangered marine species, find solutions to major threats facing our Reef like coral bleaching and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks and enable vital research that helps managers protect our Reef.

Donate here