Qantas knows that it’s their people who have helped make them a great airline and an Australian and international icon.

When it comes to setting and achieving environmental objectives, Qantas understands just how important employees are to the company’s sustainability journey. 

Ensuring employees are supported to bring environmental responsibility into their everyday work, their communities and personal lives is a key component of Qantas’s environmental strategy.


The 10 year partnership between the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Qantas has been delivering real outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef through the airline’s support for scientific research and employee engagement. Together, we’ve educated Qantas employees about the link between coral reefs, climate change and sustainability in business.

Airline staff and customers have participated in an immersive ‘on-reef’ experience as citizen scientists, learning about the Great Barrier Reef while also collecting important observations for researchers.

These ‘Reef ambassadors’ have then shared what they learnt with their colleagues and are inspired to drive projects in their workplace that reduce Qantas' electricity, water and waste footprint.


More than 45 Qantas employees have been Reef citizen scientists and worked directly with researchers.

Collectively, 170 employees from 15 companies, including Qantas, have been involved in the Foundation’s engagement programs.

More than 2,000 members of local communities have joined in the public citizen science activities around these corporate programs, making a significant contribution to the research needed to protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef.

Partnership initiatives

  • Leadership through membership of the Foundation’s Chairman’s Panel since 2007
  • Employee engagement since 2008 through ZooX and ReefBlitz programs
  • Support of citizen science activities along the length and breadth of the Reef
  • Support of Reef-focused research including expert scientific advice and collaboration on innovation in monitoring on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Support of the Foundation’s participation in the Clinton Global Initiative