World Science Festival 2016 VR

Boardroom Science

Virtual dive

Experience one of the seven natural wonders of the world without getting your feet wet! Using the latest VR technology, immerse your team in five inspiring underwater dives.

Polycom ReefHQ

Boardroom Science

Dial a diver

Speak to a scuba diver in action. Through reef videoconferencing technology, you can chat to a researcher diving with the marine life in Reef HQ’s Coral Reef and Predator exhibition on the Great Barrier Reef in Townsville.

ReefBlitz 2015

Boardroom Science

Get hands on

Explore the impact of extreme weather and human activity on the Reef with a collection of artefacts and specimens. A chance to talk through current knowledge, claims, explanations and predictions.

ReefBlitz 2014

Under the microscope

Zoom in to see sand and water like you’ve never seen them before. Sand is a reflection of the biology and geology of an area and no two samples are the same. You’ll be truly amazed at the wonders revealed in a single drop of seawater!

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