We can also help you create a bespoke development program tailored to suit your company and your people.

UQ Screening 2016

Corals & Cocktails

Spend an evening meeting the local marine life and the locals who care for them. Learn about the marine environment and engage with the citizen science community groups offering hands-on​ opportunities to help preserve it. This event can be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Townsville.

Reef Walk

Reef Scientist for a Day

Work alongside scientists in the field on a Foundation-funded project. Your people or customers will assist with real field work, data collection and monitoring. This activity can be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Townsville or out in the field on the Reef.

Citizen science with BHP


A half day citizen science experience on the beaches or the bay featuring interactive presentations, citizen science data collection, beach walks and more, led by experienced guides and citizen science groups. This event can be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Townsville.

ReefBlitz 2015


Design a bespoke ReefBlitz event on Lady Elliot Island on the southern Great Barrier Reef exclusively for your people or customers on a date of your choice.

The Reef Immersion Program is tailored to your specific requirements. The amount of your investment in the program is dependent upon the events and activities selected and participant numbers.

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