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Help save the endangered
green turtle

The Challenge Right Now

Today, the green turtle is facing a serious threat. Warmer sea temperatures are producing mostly female hatchlings.

They've been around for millions of years, but climate change is putting turtles in danger like never before.

You see, when a female lays her eggs on a nesting beach, the sex of the hatchlings is determined not by genetics, but by the temperature of the sand. Cooler temperatures produce more male hatchlings; warmer temperatures more females.

As temperatures continue to rise due to climate change, the results are worrying. A recent study in the Great Barrier Reef identified the sex of green turtles under 10 years old - and 99% are female.

The temperatures are just too warm to produce male hatchlings. And without a balanced population, the future of the green turtle is bleak.

But there is hope. Our Reef's most iconic species can be saved - and you can play your part.

Right now, our marine biologists and engineers are developing a system to cool the sand at nesting areas, so that more male hatchlings are produced – ensuring a balanced population for future generations.

The Foundation and its partners are pioneering this critical project – but to drive it forward, we urgently need to raise more funds – for developing, installing and monitoring the cooling systems

The future of the green turtle depends on it.

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