6 facts about the Maori Wrasse

  1. The Maori wrasse is renowned as one of the friendliest creatures on the Reef. Always keen to say hello, these large swimmers are an endangered species. 
  2. The largest member of the family Labridae, this wrasse reaches up to six feet long in the male species, and up to three feet in females. Its unusual appearance consists of thick, fleshy lips, and a rather protruding lump that appears above its eyes that becomes more pronounced with age. 
  3. Adult wrasses can be found on reef slopes and lagoon reefs that range from one to 100 metres in depth.
  4. Generally, female wrasses are known to live to about 30 years of age, while the male species fall short, with a life expectancy of 25 years.
  5. Wally' the Wrasse is one of the more famous faces of the Reef, appearing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. With unique and colourful markings, it's no surprise that he is a crowd favourite.
  6. Unfortunately, their friendly disposition has led to their depletion in numbers. After becoming a protected fish on the Great Barrier Reef, divers are reporting a noticeable increase in their numbers.

How you can help

There are many ways for you to help protect endangered animals like Wally, from anywhere in the world. Find out how to get involved now.

Video credit: Jennifer Peng