6 facts about the potato cod

  1. Similar to the Maori Wrasse, this species are know to be very friendly.
  2. Potato Cod get their name from the distinctive brown markings shaped like potatoes that cover their bodies.
  3. Famous dive site 'Cod Hole', located near 'Ribbon Reef' #10 is unsurprisingly, the best place to find them. 
  4. This magnificent grey-brown cod species can grow to two metres in length and weigh in at 100 kilograms. They’re not only impressive in size but also extremely friendly, and will follow divers around like puppies.
  5. Although its size is impressive, its cousin, the 'Queensland Grouper', or 'Giant Grouper', is the largest bony fish found on the Great Barrier Reef, known to grow to more than 2m long and weigh up to 400kg. 
  6. The Potato Cod usually weighs less than 100kg.

Cod Hole