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9 Oct

Moreton Bay

Catchment to coral activities in Moreton Bay

Heron Island

29-30 Oct


Catchment to coral activities on the northern Great Barrier Reef.

ReefBlitz 2016 is for everyone! 

It's a month-long program of activities and initiatives designed to capture a snapshot of Reef health and biodiversity. 

Reef experts and citizen science groups will team up with the wider community to create an enjoyable and meaningful experience with real impact for the Great Barrier Reef.   

The Great Barrier Reef

Everyone counts. 

Join the people-powered blitz from coast to coral to create a new record for the Great Barrier Reef. 

It’s easy: snap, count and upload what you see to produce a snapshot of reef life and health.

Contribute information to one of these five programs in October to be part of ReefBlitz. 

Help us reach 10,000 records for the Reef!

1-31 October

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Keep an Eye on the Reef

Report your Reef sightings! The observations, photographs and video recordings help the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to build knowledge about the diversity, abundance, habitats and range of marine animals.

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Watch Coral Colour

Capture information about coral colour! Order a Coral Health Chart to compare colours of bleached and healthy corals. Share your findings about coral colour and growth form on the CoralWatch database.

Manta Ray Citizen Science

Match a Manta

Share your manta photos! Every manta has a unique spot pattern on its belly. Submit a photo or video of the underside of a manta ray to help the team at Project Manta identify and track individuals along the east coast of Australia.

Rhincodon Typus

Report Strange Sealife

Do you regularly visit a local area? If you spot any uncommon marine life, share your photo with the Redmap team for identification. Your information can help map species range changes.

Beach clean-up

Clean up the Coast

Share your coastal (or underwater) clean-up findings. Your data can help Tangaroa Blue track debris to the source.

Moreton Bay

Join us for a day of activities from catchment to coral based in and around Moreton Bay. There will be a range of range of opportunities for you to learn about and participate in citizen science.

9 October is our highlight event, with activities happening on the day across the Bay. You will be able to sign up for a range of activities that help track the health of our catchments, coasts and corals. 

Get ready for ReefBlitz

North Stradbroke Island

Reef Check surveys and learn about local reefs

North Stradbroke Island

Sunday, 9 October

Reef Check surveys and learn about local reefs

North Stradbroke Island

Keeping Watch on Seagrass

Thorneside - 2hrs

Red Mangrove

Mangroves: See, Score, Save - Wellington Point

William Gunn Jetty, Manly, - 1.5hr

The entire community - locals and visitors, seafarers and land-lubbers alike - is invited to participate. There is an activity for everyone.

How you can get involved

  • Come along and participate in one of our ReefBlitz activities
  • Host a citizen science group to undertake activities in your local area
  • Your citizen science group could lead a survey or showcase their work
  • If you're on the Reef during October, contribute to our month-long 'reef snapshot'

Partners and Past events

Contact us to get involved

Jenn - Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance

Phone: +61 7 3252 7555


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