About us

About us

In 1998, the first mass coral bleaching event devastated the Great Barrier Reef, killing one in 12 of the world’s corals. In response, we created the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to find and grow the best solutions to protect the world’s greatest reef.

#Our ambition

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is creating a future for the world’s coral reefs by protecting ocean habitats, restoring coral reefs and helping them adapt to the impacts of climate change. We’ve built a collaborative organisation to raise funds, invest in innovative ideas and design real-world, scalable conservation programs that are delivering breakthroughs in marine and terrestrial restoration. Walking in step with First Nations people and front-line communities, we’re fast-tracking and deploying solutions around the world.

How we work

#How we work

The Foundation sits at the intersection of investment and impact. We bring together networks of people and organisations to find and fund solutions for coral reefs.

System thinker

We see how everything is interconnected and take a wholistic approach to bring together the macro and micro across silos. We seek the critical gaps to drive high impact.

Leader and storyteller

We tell a great story to a large community of supporters and partners to inspire hope, and galvanise action.

Connector and convenor

We build relationships and create spaces where diverse skillsets and backgrounds combine to achieve collective impact.

Designer and maker

We are ambitious and innovative and we have the technical skills to drive new solutions across disciplines, delivering better outcomes for coral reefs.

Turtle on the Reef with Staghorn coral

#Help her survive the heat

The Great Barrier Reef is fighting for life and we are fighting for her future.