Restoring coral reefs

Restoring coral reefs

Coral reefs are the beating heart of our oceans. They provide nurseries and food for a quarter of all marine life and sustain a billion people worldwide.

Coral reefs are the most vulnerable ecosystem on the planet.  If ocean temperatures rise as predicted, we could lose them in our lifetime.

#Our 2030 ambitions


Deploy 10 million heat tolerant corals annually across 100 priority reefs on the Great Barrier Reef.

Empower frontline communities across the Pacific and beyond with Reef-saving strategies and technologies.

Plant heat tolerant corals across one-third of Pacific coral reefs, in partnership with local reef managers and communities. 

#Our impact so far

We've introduced Coral IVF on the Reef and have used it to grow and settle millions of baby corals since 2016.

We've pioneered huge advances in coral restoration including heat tolerant corals and cryopreservation technologies.

We've established partnerships in Palau, New Caledonia and Belize to help make their reefs more resilient to climate change.

It's time to act

#It's time to act

Warmer temperatures are triggering mass coral bleaching events, disrupting food supplies and threatening entire ecosystems. This doesn't need to be our future. After decades of research and development, our suite of innovative solutions is ready to roll out in Australia and across the Pacific.

#Together we can restore and protect coral reefs

Turtle on the Reef with Staghorn coral

#Help her survive the heat

The Great Barrier Reef is fighting for life and we are fighting for her future.

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