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Flagship initiative for a decade of action to save the world’s coral reefs

On UN World Oceans Day, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s landmark initiative Reef Recovery 2030 has been endorsed as a flagship action of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The United Nations’ recently launched the Ocean Decade to support innovations that will boost the health, sustainability and resilience of our oceans by 2030 will be supported by the Foundation’s decade long effort to turn the tide on coral reef decline globally.

A quarter of ocean life and a billion of the world's people depend on coral reefs, yet they are under imminent threat from climate change and local impacts.

Already, average surface temperatures globally have risen 1.1 degrees above the pre-industrial levels of the late 1800s. If warming reaches 1.5 degrees we will see the destruction of up to 90 per cent of the world’s coral reefs. At 2 degrees, they will be lost forever.

The science is telling us that we have 10 years to turn the tide on coral reef decline, it’s a big task, but we must rise to the occasion.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is already making an impact, with a landmark investment from the Australian Government, we have more than 100 Reef-saving projects underway right now, but there is a lot more work to be done.

The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for countries to work together to save our oceans and reefs.

As a founding Decade Alliance member, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is joining the front line by leading an initiative dedicated to saving our Great Barrier Reef and supporting global coral reef conservation.

In partnership with the world's leading coral reef scientists, Australian Government, reef managers, businesses, First Nations people and local communities, our Reef Recovery 2030 initiative will boost the resilience of these unique reef ecosystems and the people that rely on them.

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