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Reef Storytellers Science Under Sail

We partnered with Science Under Sail to capture this short video that highlights their impact on the health of the Reef as part of our Reef Storytellers series.

Meet Dr James Udy who is using his 30 years of marine science experience to help us save the Reef’s endangered turtles and dugongs.

James pioneered the Science Under Sail project which upskills high school students along the length of the Reef to become citizen scientists by collecting important information about critical Reef habitats such as seagrass.

Seagrass supports the Reef’s endangered turtles and dugongs but is under threat from land runoff and climate change.

The information collected can help Reef managers to better understand seagrass health so they can make informed management decisions.

“As people learn about the Reef, then in caring for that small piece of the Reef, we hopefully will be able to all join together and help the Reef through climate change.” James Udy Science Under Sail

This is one of the Foundation’s 25 citizen science and local action projects being delivered right now and having a positive impact on the health of the Reef.

Funded by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s partnership with the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.