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Land and Sea Country Forum postponed

​As the Chair of the Traditional Owner Advisory Group to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation I write to provide a statement that outlines the unanimous decision made by the Advisory Group to delay the reef-wide Land and Sea Country Forum that was due to take place in September 2021, as part of our Reef Trust Partnership Annual WorkPlan.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and potential community health risks posed to us as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, we were deeply concerned for the reef- wide forum proceeding in 2021. Our families and communities are our main priority.

During 2020 we had taken many steps to ensure that none of our people are exposed to unnecessary risks. Our communities are deeply worried about the COVID-19 pandemic. In taking all of this into account, the Traditional Owner Advisory Group advised the Foundation of our decision to postpone the Forum until a later time. 

In doing so, we followed due process including notifying our preferred suppliers. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Foundation for our strong partnership and for taking on board our concerns over this critically important matter.

Larissa Hale
Yuku Baja Muliku Traditional Owner
Chair, Traditional Owner Advisory Group- Great Barrier Reef Foundation 

Yuku Baja Muliku Landowner & Reserves Ltd
Managing Director