In partnership with Garnier

In partnership with Garnier

We are proud of our multi-year partnership with Garnier, supporting the continued Coral IVF program in the iconic Whitsundays region.

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The Great Barrier Reef Plant A Coral campaign is a partnership between Garnier and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to raise funds to deliver coral conservation and restoration solutions to reefs in the Whitsundays. 

As part of Garnier’s Green Beauty mission, we’ve joined forces to plant hundreds of thousands of corals, helping to regenerate our Reef. 

For every Garnier product purchased in Coles from 27 September to 7 November 2023, the Foundation will plant a coral. Garnier’s goal is to plant up to 500,000 baby corals this year to help restore and repair damaged reefs. 

What is Coral IVF? 

The Garnier X Great Barrier Reef Foundation campaign will support continued Coral IVF in the iconic Whitsundays region. This world-leading technique is used to grow baby corals and restore damaged coral reefs. 

Each year during a November or December full moon, a synchronised natural phenomenon occurs when millions of corals release tiny eggs and sperm bundles into the water simultaneously. This is called Coral Spawning. During this event, researchers capture coral spawn from healthy reefs to rear millions of baby corals in specially designed floating pools before dispersing them onto damaged reefs to restore and repopulate them. 

The baby corals settle onto those reefs and in years to come produce their own coral babies, building resilience and coral diversity. 

About Coral Reef Restoration

#About Coral Reef Restoration

Pioneering cutting-edge technology to help restore coral reefs, including Coral IVF.