In partnership with Life-Space

In partnership with Life-Space

We’re proud of our three-year partnership with Life-Space to fund coral probiotics research, led by the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

The Great Barrier Reef is so extensive in size that most restoration attempts don’t make a big impact. Where restoration of a reef is necessary, we need effective and efficient ways to breed and deliver large numbers of new, healthy and resilient corals. This is a big challenge – millions of corals may be needed to restore a single reef, and very few young corals survive to maturity.  

This is where probiotics can help, by enhancing the survival, health and resilience of these young corals, which are first raised in specialised aquariums through a process known as aquaculture.  

Through the Life-Space Reef Probiotics Project, researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science are exploring how targeted probiotic treatments can help to enhance baby coral settlement, growth and resistance to stress and disease.   

By developing new types of probiotics and feeding techniques in their specialised National Sea Simulator facility, they support our aim to mass-produce and deploy large numbers of healthy corals onto reefs to scale up restoration efforts, when needed. Together, we’re finding new probiotics to give to young corals in the lab, helping to support the production of large numbers of corals for reef restoration efforts. 

About Coral Probiotics

#About Coral Probiotics

What they are, why they’re needed and how they’re helping to restore coral reefs.