In partnership with McLaren

In partnership with McLaren

We are proud of our partnership with McLaren to accelerate coral reef restoration on the Great Barrier Reef, at a scale and speed never before attempted.

Coral reefs cannot adapt fast enough to warming ocean temperatures, which trigger mass bleaching events, making coral reefs the most vulnerable ecosystem on the planet. The science is clear, if we do not intervene at scale within the next decade, 90% of coral reefs will die by 2050. We cannot allow this to be our future.   

This is the critical decade to act for coral reefs on our planet. We are in a race against time. That is why we are partnering with McLaren, to accelerate our efforts and to leverage their F1 ingenuity on the challenge of scaling coral restoration, faster and better than ever before.  

McLaren has deep experience in maximising performance in a competitive high-pressure environment to bring speed and acceleration to change. Through the McLaren Accelerator, performance-driven data can be translated into the culture and thinking of the collaborative coral restoration effort and leave a lasting legacy. 

Our partnership will bring a racing mindset, emulating the competitive, fast-paced environment of F1 to help accelerate the scale and pace of coral restoration across the planet. 

About Restoring Coral Reefs

#About Restoring Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are the bearing heart of our oceans. They provide nurseries and food for a quarter of all marine life and sustain a billion people worldwide.