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1 billion

people depend on reefs for food


decline in coral cover has been seen on the Great Barrier Reef in the past 30 years


jobs rely on the Great Barrier Reef

This ‘Swiss army knife’-style robo reef protector, the RangerBot Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, will provide reef managers, researchers and community groups extra ‘hands and eyes’ in the water to:

  • control pests like the Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish,
  • monitor reef health indicators like coral bleaching and water quality, and
  • map expansive underwater areas at scales not previously possible.

This will all be done through an innovative vision-based technological tool unlike current manual, expensive acoustics-based, single-purpose solutions. 

Over a year, the project will take a quantum technology leap to create the only fully autonomous, affordable, multi-function solution for effectively detecting and addressing threats to coral reefs.

The project will make RangerBot widely available and accessible to reef communities worldwide.

a quantum technology leap



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