5 fun facts about manta rays

The majestic manta rays are the largest of all rays and are on the international threatened species list. Enjoy our five favourite facts about mantas.

  1. Their underside markings are unique – like a person’s fingerprint.
  2. Mantas are amongst the largest fish in the ocean with a wing span of up to 7 metres and weighing up to two tonnes.
  3. Despite their size, manta rays are completely harmless to humans. They are filter feeders, eating the microscopic zooplankton that drift along in the ocean currents.
  4. Manta rays have the largest brain to body weight ratio of any living fish.
  5. The word manta is Spanish for ‘blanket’ and it’s easy to see why it got this name!

How you can help manta rays

If you’re lucky enough to spot a manta on the Reef and snap a photo of its underbelly, email your pic to the team at Project Manta to contribute to their ongoing research and monitoring program.