A future without the world’s largest coral reef is unimaginable. But there is hope.

Some of the brightest minds around the world are focused on decoding the secrets of the reef and uncovering the pressures that threaten it.

Each day, new solutions and new answers are being discovered.

Working together, everyone's actions, big and small, are vital to the Reef's future.

Prior to 2016, the Foundation’s projects set the platform for increased knowledge, insights and breakthroughs - all aimed at ensuring a resilient Reef for future generations. 

However, the landscape has changed dramatically. Since then, the Great Barrier Reef, along with many other reefs globally, has experienced unprecedented back to back mass coral bleaching. More intense extreme weather events more often are taking a toll. 

It’s no longer business as usual for anyone with a stake in protecting the Great Barrier Reef. It’s time for everyone, including the Foundation, to step up and do more.

That’s why we’re focussed on projects that will actively benefit the Reef, both in the short and long term.

Our focus in the short term is on boosting the resilience of the Reef to allow it to bounce back from major challenges as a result of a changing climate and declining water quality. We’re buying the Reef time while the world works to meet the conditions of the Paris Agreement.

Our long term focus is on discovering new ways to restore reefs, helping them recover faster and rebuild to ensure their continuing survival.

See how our current and completed projects are helping the Reef.