In partnership with The Sapphire Project

In partnership with The Sapphire Project

We are honoured to be a supported partner of The Sapphire Project, an organisation whose mission it is to educate and inspire the Australian community to unite in taking action to protect our oceans.

The Sapphire Project aims to unite, educate, and inspire our communities, to love and protect our oceans and financially support those organisations making an impact in protection and conservation.  

Led by Ryan Gollan and Hayley Baillie, they are a diverse group of volunteers from all walks of life sharing a passion for ocean sustainability and conservation in Australia. Building on the legacy of the international conservationist and philanthropist, Susan Rockefeller, they work together to further create awareness for the much-needed funding of our oceans.  

Annually, The Sapphire Project hosts the Sapphire Dinner, featuring live auctions, performances, speeches, inspiring stories, and a bespoke dinner that immerse guests in the ocean scenery and raise crucial funds for ocean conservation projects in NSW and the Great Barrier Reef.  

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is fortunate enough to be a beneficiary, with funds raised helping us support: 

  • Restoration: The Plant a Coral Campaign 

  • Research: Satellite tracking of whale sharks in the far north of the Great Barrier Reef 

  • Education: Traditional Owner led seagrass nurseries 

Since Sapphire was established in 2022, they have raised over $2m for impactful ocean conservation projects in Australia.

About The Sapphire Project

#About The Sapphire Project

Dedicated to raising much-needed funds and awareness for organisations doing incredible work and who are making a difference in protecting and preserving our Australian Waters.