In partnership with XXXX

In partnership with XXXX

We’re proud of our $1m partnership with XXXX which will see a signature project established dedicated to restoring Queensland’s waterways that feed into the Great Barrier Reef.

Water is the reason life can survive on earth.  

But declining water quality is posing a serious threat to the health of the world’s largest living ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef. Behind climate change, poor water quality is one of the greatest threats to the Reef and marine life that calls it home. 

Increasing sediment, nutrients and contaminants entering coastal waters in run-off from agricultural, industrial, and urban land, combined with rising seawater temperatures and increasing seawater acidity associated with climate change, are decreasing the quality of water, and having devastating impacts. On the Reef, increased sediment and nutrients can cause higher algal growth, build-up of pollutants in sediments and marine species, and reduced light, which can affect coral growth. 

XXXX is the first Australian beer brand ever to team up with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Our partnership starts upstream – supporting local farmers in the Lower Burdekin to implement innovative practices aimed at improving water quality flowing to the Reef. The project will invest in improving water quality over the next three years to support the Foundation's goal of restoring the health of Queensland's waterways that flow to the Reef.  

This exciting project is part of a broader, $200m+ investment in Reef water quality improvement.  

The Burdekin Smart Irrigation Project is working alongside farmers to automate 600ha of Burdekin irrigation, allowing precise amounts of water to be applied at optimum times. This project will help remove barriers to widespread adoption and allow farmers to experience the full range of benefits of automated irrigation. 

  1. Improve water and energy usage efficiency  

  2. Saving farmers time and labour that is usually spent on manual irrigation & improving yield 

  3. Helping to address rising groundwater issues 

  4. Expanding understanding of crop and water modelling in the region 

  5. Reducing nutrient & pesticide runoff, resulting in water quality improvements for downstream environments like the Great Barrier Reef.  

About the Lower Burdekin Water Quality Program

#About the Lower Burdekin Water Quality Program

The Lower Burdekin Water Quality Program aims to prevent 48 tonnes of dissolved inorganic nitrogen and 138,276 Risk Units (RU) of pesticides from entering the Reef’s waters every year.