In partnership with Sankari Studios

In partnership with Sankari Studios

We are proud of our partnership with Sankari Studios, an international gaming-for-good tech company who developed a new video game, Katoa, raising funds for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

#The partnership

Through our partnership, players of Katoa are raising US$1m for a ground-breaking initiative to replant and restore seagrass meadows amongst the Reef. As one of the Reef’s most important habitats, seagrasses are carbon sinks, acting like enormous sponges to absorb and store carbon. They also provide food, shelter, and nurseries for many marine mammals. This program pilots methods for restoration at scale, and a toolkit of resources including a range of seagrass species. 

As part of this work to restore seagrass meadows, The Great Barrier Reef Foundation are: 

  • Building Australia’s first dedicated seagrass nursery, in collaboration with Traditional Owners and partners, to supply seeds for restoration work on the Reef’s seagrass meadows. 

  • Undertaking trials to demonstrate large-scale, seed-based seagrass restoration techniques in Gladstone Harbour, utilising seeds from the nursery. 

  • Establishing a training program for seagrass cultivation in partnership with Traditional Owners, which will support the sustainable operation of the nursery. 

Play the game. Save the world.  

Explore the lush, living biomes of KATOA, where you’ll grow, nurture, defend, and restore threatened habitats, leading to real-world acts of preservation just by playing! Saving the planet has never been so much fun.

About Seagrass Restoration

#About Seagrass Restoration

Regenerating and protecting critical habitats for marine life.