Across the globe, good corporate citizenship is a core value of The Boeing Company and integral to the way its business is conducted.

The aviation industry has been a leader in developing new ideas and technologies and Boeing is no exception - fostering research and development in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation as well as developing capacity for on-ground research.


Citizen science has gained recognition as a way for members of the public to collect valuable information. Yet, community-based citizen science programs often face significant challenges to deliver sustainable programs.

A more coordinated approach to citizen science across the Great Barrier Reef was needed. With support from Boeing, the Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance (Alliance) network was created. The Alliance aims to foster collaboration, capacity building, advancement and action for citizen science that benefits the Reef.

This Boeing-supported citizen science project forms part of a larger program to engage the broader community in hands-on activities and volunteer programs that contribute to the monitoring, information collection and learnings of the health of the Reef. Giving ordinary people the chance to become involved in science for the Reef creates a powerful network to benefit the Reef.


Ten citizen science groups are actively engaged in the Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance. 

Reef health, water quality, marine debris, mapping of habitats, species identification, and tracking, are just some of the types of valuable information collected by citizen scientists and provided to researchers.

The Alliance’s contributions across one year equates to:




hours donated


citizen science events

Partnership initiatives

  • Leadership and support of citizen science activities along the length and breadth of the Reef
  • Leadership since 2011 through membership of the Foundation’s Chairman’s Panel
  • Expert scientific advice and collaboration on innovation in monitoring on the Great Barrier Reef through Boeing and Insitu Pacific