We want people who inspire others to be part of the Traditional Owner Working Group (Interim) for the Reef Trust Partnership

Thank you to everyone who has offered their time and expertise to be part of this working group. We are grateful for and humbled by your passion and enthusiasm. 

All applications are now being reviewed and considered and we look forward to announcing the members of the GBRF Traditional Owner Working Group shortly. 

  • Do you have good ideas about how to keep Country, Culture and Traditional Peoples of the Great Barrier Reef strong and resilient?
  • Do you have drive and passion for sea country and want to make things happen?
  • We want people who inspire others. Are you well respected amongst your mob and community and are you known for creating positive change at a local, regional or national level?
  • Do you have a special interest and/or operational experience in water quality, controlling crown-of-thorns starfish, restoring sea country including its catchments, monitoring your country by looking for and recording changes, economic development or business enterprise?
  • Are you considered a young or emerging leader in your community?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the approximate time commitment required to carry out the duties involved in the TOWG?

Initially there will be a least two meetings a year. While it’s hard to give specific details at this stage, these meetings are likely to be half to a full day commitment. It is possible that  more meetings would be required as needed - this would become clear as the program progresses. Bear in mind that it is possible to meet via video conferencing (we tend to use GoToMeeting), so you wouldn’t be expected to travel for every meeting.

2. Why is the TOWG only being established as an 'Interim' group?

There is currently a Reef 2050 Traditional Owner Aspirations Project being undertaken by the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) funded by the Department of the Environment and Energy. This project is considering a range of key issues relevant to enhancing Traditional Owner engagement in the Reef 2050 Plan, including Reef-wide Traditional Owner governance arrangements. The GBRF’s Traditional Owner Working Group will be informed by the project and may continue, cease or be modified depending on the outcomes of this project and the aspirations of Reef Traditional Owners.

3. Are you able to apply if you identify as Aboriginal and live on Ngaro country, though not a member of any of the local mobs, and are able to bring some good skills to the table?

Preference will be given to Great Barrier Reef Traditional Owners in forming the GBRF Interim Traditional Owner Working Group. In the event that a skills or expertise gap is identified, the assessing panel may look to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to join the Interim Working Group. Applications will be strengthened if accompanied by a Letter of Support or Reference from a Great Barrier Reef Traditional Owner or Traditional Owner Group.