We lead the collaboration of business, science, government and philanthropy – groups who would not otherwise come together – for the benefit of the Reef. Our success is due to the quality of institutions and people we bring together – harnessing advances in science, technology and industry to ensure a future for this global treasure.

We are a champion of new ideas. We seek out the knowledge gaps. We seek to be a catalyst for solving the most complex and challenging problems.

Working closely with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, we fund priority projects that help protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef and build its resilience in the face of major threats.

Increasingly our impact reaches further, with solutions developed to address the common challenges facing the world's coral reefs.

Research with Impact

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World first to unlock coral DNA

The genetic code of nine Great Barrier Reef coral species and their associated algae and microbes has been unlocked – a world-first achieved with genomics research and the international ReFuGe 2020 consortium. This valuable information will be used to help understand and manage the Reef’s response to a changing climate.

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Restoring the world's largest green turtle rookery

Green turtles are gravely threatened. An ambitious program of research, capacity-building and on-ground works to restore the site of the world’s largest green turtle rookery – remote Raine Island – to ensure the survival of the green turtles, seabirds and other key species that rely on this unique ecosystem.


Largest water chemistry observing system in the southern ocean

The Future Reef project is generating invaluable observations of changes in the Great Barrier Reef’s water chemistry along its entire length for the first time. It’s the largest monitoring project of ocean chemistry in the southern hemisphere and the first large-scale project of its kind along the Great Barrier Reef.

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Leading the search for 'super' coral

Convening a consortium of global experts in coral reef, medical and terrestrial genomics and reef management, ReFuGe 2020 brings together true thought leaders who are leading the charge to discover what make a ‘super’ coral – one resistant to the impacts of a changing climate. The consortium’s work has already led to new methods for extracting microbes and viruses from coral tissue and our world first in coral genome sequencing.

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Powerful tools for Reef managers

The latest technologies and scientific data converge in the six year eReefs project to create a suite of visual, communication and reporting tools for Reef managers. Now the Reef will have its own online information portal accessible to all, just as the Bureau of Meteorology offers for weather info. By delivering Reef water quality information online in near real time, eReefs enables anyone to track the effects of storms, cyclones, floods and other impacts.